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Student Information system

Aug 31, 2021

BAU student information system


While in university I was working as a student assistant , mainly helping international students with their registrations and their first steps into university and living abroad. Pretty critical step, after the first couple of weeks into registrations chaos started, missing student information , students coming to the final step before even finishing their initial step , you can imagine.

Project Genesis

That whole mess inspired the creation of a system that helps us - student assistants - as well as satisfy the students and minimize data loss as well as confusion.

ISO Registrations GitHub Repository

Features at a Glance

💼 For Administrators:

  • Real-time visibility into the number of registered students.

  • The ability to filter registered students based on department and degree level, enabling targeted management and support.

👨‍💻 For Student Assistants:

  • Access to a comprehensive list of available students, with detailed information on their current registration step.
  • Ability to update student steps
  • Add / View notes on student profile

Technical Deep Dive

Flutter: The decision to use Flutter was driven by its ability to provide a seamless, natively compiled experience for both iOS and Android platforms from a single codebase. This choice ensured consistency in user experience across devices while speeding up the development process.

Strapi: As the backend, Strapi offered a flexible, open-source headless CMS that streamlined content management and allowed for easy customization. It served as the backbone for storing and managing student data securely and efficiently.

Firebase: Implementing Firebase for user authentication ensured that the app had a reliable, secure mechanism for managing user access and data protection.

User Interface and Experience

Student List and Profile Management: The interface provided a clear, organized view of student lists, with easy access to individual profiles and their registration steps. This feature was instrumental in allowing student assistants to efficiently manage and update student information.

Student List View Student Profile

Statistical Insights: For administrators, the app offered a dedicated statistics page, providing valuable insights into the registration process through visual data representation. This feature enabled informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Student List View Student Profile

Impact and User Feedback

This app was used locally without the International Student Office, and led to a more streamlined and less chaotic registration process.

This eliminated the issues that existed due to either lack or miscommunication, as well as allowed admins to analyze and fix flaws in the registration flow.